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Finding Success In Your Office Job

Whether you’re in a temporary job or you’re in a permanent position, it’s equally important to make a good impression in order to find success and maybe even progress. This blog aims to give you the tips you need to thrive in your office job.

Become a Yes (Wo)Man. This doesn’t mean you should be a pushover at work and take on more than you can handle; if anything, that’s a recipe for burnout and disaster! Being a yes person means opening yourself up to new opportunities. Taking on new and challenging assignments show that you’re ambitious and willing to take initiative, which are incredibly valuable skills.

Establish Goals. Work with your manager to find some achievable goals that you can complete in your first few weeks at work. This can be a project to complete or a skill to master. Showing your commitment to working towards a target and helping your company shows you’re a team player and someone that can take their career into their own hands.

Solve Problems. Your managers and teammates are there to help you when you need it but don’t go to them at every speedbump. Show your commitment to your organization’s success by taking the initiative to solve problems by yourself.

Connect. Get to know your teammates and managers but don’t stop there. Try and connect with others within your organization and join any relevant professional associations to broaden your contacts.

Speak Up. If you have something relevant to add to a meeting, showcase your knowledge. Don’t show off but show that you’re experienced and ready with ideas.

Manage your Time Effectively. Organize your time well so you can ensure all your projects are completed on time and you can benefit the business. This also gives you more time to enjoy the things you love.

Seek Feedback. Find out how you’re doing and talk to team members about your performance so you can be assured you’re contributing fully.

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